Steel Cant Hook

Steel Cant Hook

Roll, lift, move, and pivot heavy logs around your woodlot or sawmill with a durable, long-lasting Wood-Mizer steel cant hook built in the USA.

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Brand: Wood-Mizer

Durable Steel Cant Hooks Built in the USA

A cant hook is an essential logging tool to roll, lift, move, and pivot logs around your woodlot or sawmill. Durable and long-lasting, Wood-Mizer cant hooks are built in the USA with hardened steel handles and hooks. In addition, a comfortable rubber grip improves log handling control and safety by preventing slipping. The 48" and 60" cant hooks are ideal for rolling the log to the mill and the 28" cant hook is ideal for positioning the log on the sawmill bed. Two cant hooks are recommended for basic handling of 8" to 32" diameter logs. Give yourself some leverage and move logs with a Wood-Mizer steel cant hook.


  • 60", 48” and 28” length steel cant hooks

  • Recommended for use with 8" to 32" diameter logs

  • Durable hardened steel handle and hook with a comfortable rubber grip

  • Extra teeth on the end of the handle provide a second biting edge for a better grip on the log

  • Powder-coated orange paint for better visibility and durability

  • Built in the USA

28” Cant Hook

Short handle cant hook for positioning logs on elevated equipment including sawmills, log splitters, and trailers.

48” and 60" Cant Hooks

Standard and long handle cant hooks for rolling and moving logs around the woodlot.

Handle Logs 8” to 32” in Diameter

Capable of handling both small and large diameter logs around the woodlot and sawmill.

Comfortable Rubber Grip

Prevents slipping for improved log handling control and safety.

Durable Steel Handle and Hook

Built in the USA with durable, long-lasting steel.

Powder-Coated Orange Paint

Durable orange paint improves visibility around the woodlot and sawmill.