Circular Saw Blades

TCT Circular Saw Blade Sharpening and Repair

Under 500mm Diameter

Combined Saw and Knife (CSK) can sharpen, replace tips, hammer and bore your Tungsten Carbide-Tipped (TCT) circular saw blades. Their team of highly skilled Saw Doctors ensure all blades are repaired or sharpened back to the highest possible standard. 

In addition to offering a superior Circular Saw Sharpening service, you can order new Circular Saw Blades from CSK in-store or online.

Introducing the new Vollmer CNC TCT Grinder

- Tested and proven in Europe to increase cutting life between sharpens.

- Most up to date technology to sharpen your blades.

- Try it for yourself and notice the difference.

Enquiries please call (07) 3204 0977 or submit an online enquiry.
  • Sharpen 06-04 ATB
  • Sharpen 48T ATB
  • Sharpen 54T ATB
  • Sharpen 60 ATB
  • Sharpen 66T ATB
  • Sharpen 72T ATB
  • Sharpen 84T ATB
  • Sharpen 96T ATB
  • Sharpen 100T ATB
  • Sharpen 108 -110T
  • Sharpen 120T – 128T
  • Sharpen 144T ATB
  • Sharpen 06-40 Tooth T/C
  • Sharpen 48T T/C
  • Sharpen 54T T/C
  • Sharpen 60 T/C
  • Sharpen 66T T/C
  • Sharpen 72T TC
  • Sharpen 84T T/C
  • Sharpen 96T T/C
  • Sharpen 100T T/C
  • Sharpen 120 – 128T T/C
  • Sharpen 144T T/C
  • Sharpen Scribe
  • Sharpen Multi Cutter
  • TCT
  • Boring Bore Saw Blade
  • Std Tip Replacement
  • Hammer TCT Saw Blade
  • Extended Sharpen up to 48T
  • Extended Sharpen 54 – 100T
  • Extended Sharpen 108 – 144T
  • Sharpen Set of 2 Profile Cutters
  • Replace Tooth in TCT Saw

Enquiries please call (07) 3204 0977 
or submit an online enquiry 

TCT Circular Saws

Experience Counts

We consider our staff to be the most valuable resource and encourage innovative and original ideas that come with staff contribution. We endeavor to supply all employees with optimal working conditions, ongoing support and focused direction.

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Delivery Service

Combined Saw and Knife offer a regular pick up and delivery service for all industrial clients from afar as the Gold Coast, Noosa & Ipswich!

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