LT15WIDE Portable Sawmill

LT15WIDE Portable Sawmill

Wide cut LT15 series sawmill with 25HP gas, 17HP diesel, or 10HP electric power, 36 inch log diameter, 35-1/2 inch width of cut, 17 foot 8 inch log length, optional saw head power feed, optional bed extensions, and optional GO trailer for a wide cut portable sawmill with LT15 sawmill versatility.

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Brand: Wood-Mizer

Wide Cut LT15 Series Portable Sawmill Built in the USA

The LT15WIDE portable sawmill features the widest in-class cutting capacity for sawing 36" diameter logs into 35-1/2" wide boards up to 17' 8" in length with optional 6' 8" extensions for sawing longer lengths. Built in the USA with premium quality steel and industrial-grade powder coat paint, the wide cut LT15WIDE is engineered from the world’s most popular LT15 sawmill series design and features gas, diesel, or electric sawmill options, a larger sawing capacity, optional saw head power feed, and optional GO trailer for a wide cut portable sawmill with LT15 sawmill versatility.


Widest In-Class Cutting Capacity

The LT15WIDE features the widest in-class cutting capacity for sawing 36” diameter logs into 35-1/2” wide boards up to 17’ 8" in length. Optional 6’ 8" bed extensions for sawing longer lengths are available with no practical limit. With the ability to saw as precise as 1/16” with the thin-kerf sawmill blade, the log clamp and built in bed side support allow for final cuts within 1” of the sawmill bed so you get the most usable lumber out of every log.

Reliable Gas, Diesel, or Electric Sawmill

Reliable power options are available including 25HP gas or 17HP diesel engines for sawing outdoors and a 10HP electric sawmill motor for sawing indoors in a garage or workshop. The powerful and dependable Kohler Command Pro gas engine features Quad-Clean™ all-season four-stage cyclonic air filter for effective engine protection even in tough and dirty sawing conditions. In addition, performance-driven features include a forged-steel crankshaft, electronic ignition and cast-iron cylinder liner for professional grade power and performance. Plus, a large-capacity fuel tank means more time sawing and less time refueling. Each Kohler engine includes a 3-year commercial limited warranty.

Adjustable Blade Guide Arm and Blade Engage

Reduce blade travel and support the blade when sawing narrow and wide material with the adjustable blade guide arm. Engage the sawmill blade with one handle that engages the mechanical clutch and throttles the engine at the same time. Keep the blade cool and free of pitch, sap, and sawdust while sawing with the gravity-fed blade lubrication that applies directly to the blade.

Quick Sawhead Up/Down

Quickly and accurately move the sawhead up and down to prepare for sawing with the crank handle. Easily turn the handle clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the blade depth 2” for each full rotation or 1/16” for each notch to prepare for the next cut. A log scale is also included for sawing 8/4”, 6/4”, 5/4”, 4/4”, and 3/4” lumber.

Two Quick-Set Log Clamps

Constructed of solid tube steel, the quick-set log clamps tightly fasten logs for sawing and are adjustable up/down and in/out as material is cut. The log clamps use an acme thread screw for better durability, rust-resistant powder-coat paint, and a clamp point block for an extra grip on a round log or squared cant. Each log clamp is able to move between other cross sections and additional log clamps are available.

Six Steel Adjustable Side Supports

Six durable steel side supports are adjustable up/down to stabilize logs during loading, sawing, and turning logs. Each side support is mounted on the bed and includes rust-resistant powder-coat paint for durability and heavy-duty rollers to assist with log turning. An additional built-in bed side support on each cross section eliminates the need for adjustable side supports while sawing a squared cant and allows for final cuts within 1” of the bed.

Adjustable Bed Leveling Feet

Twelve adjustable bed leveling feet are included with every LT15WIDE sawmill for simple leveling of the bed. Additional LT15WIDE bed extensions also include adjustable feet to help keep your sawmill bed level at any sawing length.

Proudly Built in the USA

Since 1982, Wood-Mizer portable sawmills have been proudly Built in the USA at our factory in the heart of the Midwest. Premium quality steel is cut, formed, welded, painted with industrial-grade powder-coat paint, and quality checked before leaving our factory.

Easy Shipping and Assembly

The LT15WIDE portable sawmill ships on a single pallet, comes with one Wood-Mizer sawmill blade, and requires minimal assembly time so you can start sawing within a few hours of receiving your sawmill.

Optional GO Trailer

GO completely portable by adding the LT15WIDE GO Trailer to your LT15WIDE Sawmill. Complete with a durable steel frame, single axle, two wheels, two fenders, set of 8 adjustable outriggers, lights, and hitch, the LT15WIDE Go Trailer allows sawing logs directly on the trailer with the ability to easily hook-up and GO to your next sawing site. Contact us for more information