BMS250 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener

BMS250 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener

The BMS250 bandsaw blade sharpener is made for the professional who needs to maintain their sawmill blades with time-saving, assured accuracy.Grinding wheel and oil sold separately.

How To Buy

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Brand: Wood-Mizer


The BMS250 sharpener is made for the professional who needs to maintain their blades with time-saving, assured accuracy. The BMS250 uses a 5" diameter CBN wheel to sharpen the entire profile of the blade. The CBN wheel is directly driven off the single phase AC motor and the surrounding hood confines the oil mist which leads to a cleaner sharpening environment. The hood features an exhaust port where fumes and mist can be drawn out. Loading the blade is easy to manage and the controls allow for quicker setup and operation. Changing the grinding wheel to maintain various profile blades remains simple and efficient.


  • Automatic shut-off sensor
  • 1/4HP grinding motor
  • 5" Diameter cbn wheel
  • Grinding head lifts totally out of the way for simple blade insertion and removal
  • Oil bath system with easy to remove Oil pan and oil filling reservoir
  • Blade oil wiper system
  • Blade easily adjusted up and down With single knob for 1"-2" wide blades
  • No dressing of grinding wheel
  • No adjusting head for hook angles
  • Easy set-up

Operator’s Panel Controls

  • Grinder motor on/off switch
  • Feed rate control dial
  • On/off power switch & emergency shut-off device
  • Blade drive motor on/off switch